Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So you've gone and had our relationship without me...

On date 3 you are worried about committment? Huh? Did we have a conversation during the what, 15 hours, that we've known each other about it?

"I can tell from your body language that you resist one-on-one relationships" you say. What? How did our conversation jump from Henry Miller to monogamy? Yeah, that makes sense. And where did the "confront your past" bullsh*t come from? You didn't even let me finish dessert!

Have I cheated on you in your mind? Are your imaginary friends saying dirty things about me? Are you moving too fast for yourself and blaming it on me? DO YOU EVEN KNOW I'M NOT JEWISH!! Well, walk away if you must, but just let me know if I was fulfilled in our relationship, or if you were good in bed.

I'm just a girl who likes going out with funny men. That's all. I even pay half the dinner tab. I don't cheat, fanagle engagement rings, or try to change your wardrobe. Ease up, poncho, we were just dating.

Come away with me and you'll never have to pay for anything again in your life.

I'll have my driver tow your doublewide onto the estate if you want... don't keep me waiting.

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Great blog - you should put it forward for review and win more exposure

Well, I'm funnier than most. But I've always thought that a detriment.
Henry Miller to monogamy... holy christ how the fk did that happen!!!!!!!!!! Shoulda stuck to Henry Miller!
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