Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Tribute to Hunan Express

Of all the greasy foods i adore,
it is the one, Hunan Express, mi amor.
Sesame, General, Spicy, Lemon, alike,
this chicken, truely, is worth the hike.
Oh my tastebuds grow wild, thinking of such
as brocoli beef, fried rice, and eggrolls i munch.
Calories, sodium, MSG shall not forsake
my yearning for sour spicy soup can't wait.
Such haste in my lunch hour, i must make
for my one o'clock calls, i cannot be late.
Oh ladies of Hunan, scoop away!
Pile on the goodness of grease that i crave.
For nothing compares to a belly-full,
of quality take-out, of Hunan's rare jewel.

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