Saturday, March 18, 2006


Why Buy the T-1

OK, some advice please. Please save comment if you disagree. We obviously have a difference of opinion without my being a greedy dot-com.

I've been cohosting for a guy my age for the past 6 mos and we get along great, apache/ssl, ssh, stunnel for email, etc. I've fscked his disks (he hasn't mine because its a RAID array) and we know each other's root passwords. Things are progressing well. We have been having net and now I think it might be time to pull away because, like it or not, I really want him to propose a fiscal arrangement to me and I fear that it won't happen if he continues to get net any time he wants it. There's nothing stopping him from keeping this arrangement indefinitely, right?

My question is: how do I pull back without it backfiring with him thinking that I'm dropping his packets? Ipfw configuration up to this point has been a very nice aspect of our relationship.

I'd appreciate any advice, particularly from other oldfashioned (pre 99) ISPs with similar opinions to mine.


to try and help you. i do not know a lot about your subject but i do always find honesty is the best policy. be straight forward and do not back down on how you feel. this should show him you mean business. stop by my blog if you get a chance.
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I would change your root password, but make sure you he knows that he can still have limited ssh access but no shell acount (scp/sftp). No more fsck or shared IP space until you reorganize under a common domain name.

Certainly it is important to make sure you are keeping more of an eye on his ports, and mail routing to ensure that he does not get the impression that you no longer care. The message you want to get across is: while his uptime is important to you, he will need to do his own administration for the time being.
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