Monday, March 06, 2006


Stop Continental Drift!

We need your help urgently! We must inform public about the enormous risk involved with Continental Drift. If we do not stop this phenomenon we will all face a terrible end. If the continents continue pressing forward at their currant rate we will all face the grave realities involved. We can NOT just sit back and take a “wait and see” attitude. This ever-present condition does not just affect us here in this country; it is now a worldwide issue. People of the world need to unite together and go toe to toe with these behemoth slabs of crust. People…This is WAR! If you support earthquakes and volcanic activities then this doesn’t apply to you, but if this directional drift is adversely affecting you, we can make a change!
On Saturday we are organizing a “direct response” We MUST all go to the ocean and collectively PUSH BACK THESE MONSTRATIVE PLATES! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Bring your fins and flippers or a car jack will also be helpful!

See you there!

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Wow, that is some big order. New Orleans is still having a hard time swallowing, "controlled flooding" I have created a protest I think you might be interested in PETM "people for the ethical treatment of matter" for info goto click "state of the union"

Oh, come on! What's a little dry-humping between continents?
WOW LOL.....idk if i can push them lol..idk if i have that much muscle idk if i can do that lol..but i'll be there lol so when is this in so i can pencil u n between cartoons and sitting on my butt in front of the computer?

An0th3r Rand0m C0mm3nt Fr0m Andy

To tell you the truth, I've always been smugly satisfied that the Atlantic is getting bigger while the Pacific is getting smaller.

But I guess its a worthy cause. Tell you what, I will travel 20,000,000 years into the future and see how it went. I just got my flux capacitor back from the shop.
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Is it possible that, when the planets were still forming in the dust of a new star, that the earth was a little lop sided? Maybe the moon was pulled out of what later became the Pacific ocean. The terrible event that pulled the new planet apart, eventually destroyed Pangea and created the variouse continents. And yes ... it'e George W. Bush's fault. He arrainghed for our planet to be unstable about six or seven billion years ago.
You sound like a heathen in need of some really good wisdom. If you like, I will teach you as long as you’re not a smoker or a dancer or a cusser or something of that nature.
Let's not do anything but we'll blame Bush.
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Man I just discovered your blog and almost pissed myself. Jeesus man, seriously, do stand up!
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