Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Last Night At the Park

I am sure you are as cute as i thought you were, but i am not sure, it was dark. you were wearing a sweatshirt and you had a cap on. i was the one with the muddy jeans bent over the tree stump. i had fun, you did too (i found out later when i got home and found the stains).

sorry about the poo on your shoes.


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was it good for you?

That was a funny posting. Which park was it? What was she wearing?

Anyhow, I always wondered if people have success posting these things in newspapers. In order words, what is the success rate? What are the chances that someone you are looking for will be reading the newspaper you post your ad in? Hmm...

Please let us know if you find her.

Success? Who knows, I just posted this up on the blog to keep you guys entertained.
I didn't know that you all up north knew about "stump training"...
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