Sunday, March 26, 2006


Boyfriend for Sale

For immediate sale, one boyfriend, slightly used. If interested, please inquire. Details below:

Model: Caucasian

Gender: Male

Quantity: 1

Previous Owners: 4

Accessories: no baggage

Status: single

Age: 29

Hair: short dark blonde

Vision: nearsighted, hazel

Special skills: puts toilet seat down after use

Training: self-cleaning, chivalry

Personality: funny, honest

Known defects: none

Runs on: Thai food and hamburgers

Habitat: midtown Manhattan

Co-habitation: none (no roommates)

Last rotation: 2 months ago

Compatible with: unknown

Annual checkup: technician's report: "future outlook is bright"

Known allergies: mildly allergic to cats (goes away after a day)

Finances: low debt, good bank balance

Movies: yes

Dinner: preferably with the opposite sex

TV: only HBO

Cloned: yes

Original model: yes

Languages: English, HTML

Sex: varies

Programmable: yes

Condition: a few dents

Price: best offer

So why do you want to get rid of him? Very funny. I am glad noone has ever written a for sale ad for me.
Great stuff! Have you thought about e-Bay?
Sounds too good to be true. He's not a flood recovery, is he?
How much for a half-hour, or is it in too rough of shape for that?

That is the hotness...

--RC of
Hey, are you selling my boyfriend? =P
So, You´re Miss USA or you just realized you´re homosexual?
To me...
EH EH !!!!
Previous Owners: 4

are you sure its 4, may be you just forgot a zero at the end.
What does the boyfriend think of this ad?

Funny post. Still laughing....
hahaha! cheers!
LOL-ing! Can I take him for a testdrive?
I would like him a few Friday nights and will get back to you. I think I will steal your idea and write about my teens. Too funny
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