Sunday, April 09, 2006


You Grabbed My Crotch On New Year's Eve

You thought you were going to have a fun-filled evening didn't you? Your girlfriend @ your side, a drink ticket in hand, nothing could go wrong. So you thought when I walked by & your girlfriend wasn't looking you could catch a little grab @ my crotch. There was no grabbed it, & grabbed it hard.

Little did you know I was the manager of the club. Yes, that's right, you just grabbed the manager's vagina. & no, you were not drunk, so that can no be used as an excuse. YOu pathetically denied it as two bouncers pounced on top of you (& even a few other patrons). You were removed per my order. I hope you had a wonderful New Year's after spending $$ on the cover charge that you couldn't enjoy.

Dare I assume you also flash small children in the playgournd during lunch?

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Whoa.. someone actually grabbed your crotch? I'd have them arrested.
a random find and quite a story ... if that's true I hope the jerk was escorted very unpleasantly out, and someday realizes what a pig he is ... but if it happened on new years why did you write it today? ...
That is really crude humor. I hope your mother (if she is still around) beats you with a stick.
I wish my mom did beat me with a stick. Instead my dad beat me with his stick.
Glad the guy got what he deserves. I only hope he won't do it again, and that if he does, the punishment will be tougher this time.
Glad he got what he deserved!
Glad he got what he deserved!
I like your answer to Emma Rose hahah, very interesting blog. Thansk for dropping by
Why are you only getting around to being pissed off about this in APRIL? Will you ever let it go? He apparently did...
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