Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Neurotic, angst ridden, high maintenance stress ball seeks...

...polar opposite for a long term, drama filled, co-dependant relationship fraught with extreme peaks and valleys.

Me: I'm always stressed out about friends, family, finances, parking, traffic, breakfast, lunch, dinner, world peace, Barry Bonds bobbleheads, and making a new blog entry here. I'm stressed out right now just thinking about what I'm going to wear, what we'll do, and where we'll go on our first date. And we haven't even met yet! I'm in my 30's, neat, clean, dress very well, short, and Asian. Yup, that will turn off 99.99% of women, and turn on 99.99% of gay men with Asian fetishes out there. Of course the other 0.01% of women who would be interested are already taken or institutionalized. The other 0.01% of gay men with Asian fetishes who wouldn't be interested in me are straight and would want to date my sister.

You: Calm, cool, practice and/or have training in yoga, meditation, massage, aromatherapy, feng shui, hypnosis, anger management, gestalt therapy, shamanic trancework, karma cleansing, transpersonal psychology, frontal lobotomies, etc. Anything and everything that can help me reduce my anxieties, worries, fears, doubts, frustrations, neuroses, angst, stress, and also help improve my grammar at the same time. You're a hopeless romantic, like long odds, and especially love charity work. You also have a keen, albeit morbid sense of humor.

Coffee? (decaf of course)

Who isn't stressed out about their friends?

Derek's Blog
seek god, he'll take all your stress away
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this is very funny stuff!
Thanks for the giggle.
I am a transsexual (gay man to straight woman) of mixed race and I am not turned off by you being Asian, probably because of my past. I have a degree in Feng Shui and have had frontal lobotomy myself so I think your stress will be a minor problem if we get together
I'm 44, is that too old, if so that is ok. I like all women, as long as they are fairly intelligent and sane. I prefer women on the short side, but that isn't really improtant. As long as you take good care of yourself. I like to think of myself as a good lover, and that is important. I like to cuddle, but I also believe that it is important that I pay attention to my own orgasm as well as yours. I would really like to find a girl who takes good care of her mouth, and likes to kiss. If this sounds good to you, please contact me.
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