Saturday, February 11, 2006


I love my new label maker! Buy one today!

I just love my new label maker and hate machine! They're both extremely cheap and easy to use, and the make my life so much simpler!

The handly label maker lets me know who's who and what's what at a moment's glance. No more complicated thinking about each individual item--just label and go! I liked it so much, I bought 200 of them and handed them out to my friends. You should, too!

As for the hate machine, it's the best thing to come along since Valium! I simply feed my anxieties in the front end and far-flung, widespread blame comes out the back. It's reduced my stress levels immeasurably and I now work more efficiently with all that darned anxiety off my mind.

I'd love to tell all of you where to pick up these incredible items, but all retailers seem to be sold out at the moment. Don't worry, though--shelves should be restocked real soon!

Unless reason prevails in the near future, that is . . .

I spared myself the expense! I just hate everyone (keeps it simple) and I label everyone, 'hated'. Done & dusted. I'm working on being a little less creative though, I'm beginning to think people struggle to identify with my inferiority complex...
Chck on eBay
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